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Thank You For Over 1 Million Views!

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workout for lean body

This free home workout channel can be streamed to your favorite devices so that it can go with you wherever you are.

Transform your body, define your core, increase flexibility, trim your waist & gain strength with this YouTube or ROKU based fitness program.

strength training at home

Whether you are young or getting older, it works! 

We are here and have all the tools you need to succeed when you are ready. We will meet you where you are. 

Deciding to get in shape

Everything You Need to Transform Your Body Now!

This exercise regimen lets you use the videos at whatever fitness level you are currently at to get the most out of each workout. You can modify the program in the following ways: 

*Do the workouts standing, sitting, or in horse stance.

*Go at your own speed - fast, moderate or gentle.

*Go at your own intensity - perform the techniques hard or soft. 

This allows you to workout with someone at a different fitness level and still each get a very effective workout. 

As any great athlete will tell you, close attention to the form of these highly effective techniques will definitely give you the best results.

Kickboxing workout
senior workout routine
workout for any age
strength training everyday

We Provide All The Tools to Get You Where You Want to Be.

+Easy to Follow Instructions

+Advanced Fitness Techniques from the World's Greatest Systems.

+Nutritional Guidelines

+No equipment required

+90 Day Fitness Challenge

+Channel Playlists to build your own workout to fit your schedule

+Workout at Home or on the Run

+Presented So That You Can Use Your Favorite Device or TV

+These Online Workouts Are Free

+You Provide the Effort, Commitment, and Desire

Have a plan
Getting to the top
workout for men
workout for women
senior citizen workout
senior citizen workout
exercise together

The Power of 

Consistency and Having a Great Plan!

If you want a lifetime of the best fitness possible, you need to work at it regularly. The 90 Day Fitness Challenge on our YouTube channel or Free Workout Channel on ROKU will help you not only significantly improve your conditioning now, but will also help you develop lifelong habits to achieve and maintain this goal. What do you have to gain? How about a trim, strong, flexible body that lets you bend, stoop, twist, climb, crawl, run, and walk long distances. What do you have to lose??? 

People in 73
Countries Have Already Viewed
Workouts Over 1 Million Times

As our audience grows, people of all ages from around the world are discovering how fast and effective these workouts really are. We hope you will join us soon! 

 If you enjoy these workouts please let us know so we can share your accomplishments with others on our site. Just email them to us using our contact link.

Share your success to encourage others who are just getting started. 

workout together

Workout Together

Your Speed, Your Intensity

Everybody Wins!

Here is what people have been telling us:

* I must admit that I wasn't sure about it at first, but I've been doing the 90 day challenge for 4 weeks, 5 days per week and am down 14 pounds.

* This has renewed and refreshed me greatly.

* Found your workouts on ROKU and love them!

* Love the spiritual inspiration and natural environment.

* I found the flexibility and Tai Chi workouts, now I'm hooked.

* I am a huge workout nut and enjoy your channel I found on ROKU.

* ...feeling my core as if it is alive again. Wow!!!

* Hi, I found your channel on ROKU and have been enjoying your workouts for 

  about three weeks now. I've lost several inches - and my whole being feels better.

* Oh I love you so. I stumbled on you 3 days ago and I can't wait for each


* Have recommended your channel to many people young and old.

* Great workout video, I FEEL it the 1st time. 

* Love it thanks.

* Decided to give your workouts a try on ROKU at a nice easy pace and my body is feeling

   so much better.

* I've been doing it everyday after work, what a stress reliever. 

* Perfect

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