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Privacy Policy respects the privacy of those visiting our site. can change this policy from time to time by updating this page. You can check from time to time to assure you are o.k. with the changes. 


*We do not collect any personal identifying information on this site.

*We supply links to other sites to sell dvds and digital downloads, provide free streaming videos, your response to ads, post ads, provide free nutritional information, provide daily scriptural readings, provide subscription opportunities to our streaming channel, etc. We are also hosted by (which has their own privacy and cookie policies). 

*Once you have used the links to leave our site we have no control over their privacy practices. 

*Look at their privacy policies before giving them any personally identifying information if you have any questions about how information you provide them will be used. Do this by going to their privacy policy page. 

*We are a participant in Amazon Services, LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Please see their privacy information for details of how they collect and use information as well as what cookies that they use.


*We don't collect personally identifiable information from this site.

*When you leave this site via links the location that you go to has has control over any information that you provide them. Please check their privacy policy for details of how they use any information that that they request or obtain. 

*Please note that you are not required to give any information. If you don't want to respond to their requests for information leave their site.


*We do not use cookies on our site that store personally identifiable information. 

*Please check the Privacy Policies of our Partners and affiliates to see how they may use cookies if you would like to know what they use, what they use them for and how to remove them if desired:



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