Working out regularly at an activity that you really enjoy and will maintain over time is the best approach to lifelong fitness. Working at a speed and intensity that is in line with your current health and fitness and building up over time will make you much less prone to injury. Finding an approach to nutrition that will give your body the nutrients it needs to stay strong and healthy that you will maintain over time is absolutely vital! For some shirt drenching, extremely challenging workouts and nutrition plans (while restrictive and targeted) that give fast results in weight loss and muscle development are exactly what they love and are looking to find. Athletes and those already very fit may even like to make these intense workout routines their regular training session. Others may use a hard workout to meet a particular goal and then use other plans to maintain the gains achieved with these plans. There are many fantastic intense workout videos, programs and trainers out there! Listed below are programs I have thoroughly enjoyed and seen such great results from using that I have given you an opportunity to purchase them below. Remember this is about you and your fitness goals! Choose wisely. Pick an approach to fitness that you will stay with throughout your lifetime to achieve the greatest benefit for your health and well being no matter your

current age or fitness level. If you are not ready for extreme fitness don't start there. Choose something you are ready for and start there!

As Chuck Norris      would say:

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P90X, Insanity and other Beachbody Products

(Many of these are the definition of extreme, but can be highly effective in a short period of time if you are ready to begin them. Excellent instruction and well designed workouts help you to get the results you are looking to achieve.)

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(These cardio kickboxing workouts vary in intensity from beginner to advanced. Billy Blanks and crew make them challenging and effective. They do not include nutritional information just fun workouts that get results.)

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Jillian Michaels

(You have probably heard of this no nonsense trainer of Biggest Loser TV fame. Her workouts are well designed and run the gambit of strength, flexibility and endurance. She also has resources and books for her approach to nutrition. 

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Click here to look at her book explaining her approach to nutrition

Bill Phillips

(This book gives you the information you need to transform your body. It is aimed at weight lifters and also includes a nutrition plan that is easy to follow. Before and after pictures and stories from people who have used this system are motivational and inspiring.) 

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See a Super Store of extreme fitness DVDs

(If none of the systems above appeal to you here is a selection of hundreds of other choices. )

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