Who says the DASH Diet is so great?

* It is recommended by the USDA

* It is recommended by the American Heart Association

* It is recommended by the Institutes of Health

* It has been the #1 overall diet choice of U. S. World News Report for the last six years running.  

* Many physicians and cardiologist recommend it. 

What does the "DASH" in DASH diet stand for?

  "Dietary Approaches to Stopping Hypertension"

Although this was originally developed to lower an individual's blood pressure, it has also been noted to be an effective nutrition plan for weight reduction, lowering cholesterol, and the prevention or management of diabetes. Ask your doctor and see what he/she says. 

It is a really healthy approach to nutrition plain and simple!!!

So how do I get started?

*Do it yourself

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*Find detailed books on the Dash Diet

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A Diet and Exercise Journal can really help you get in the       best shape possible!

* It keeps you accountable

*It lets you see what's working.

*It keeps you focused.

*Studies show that you will        loose more weight and are  more likely to keep it off.